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Top 10 Baby Teething Toys
January 19, 2020|Baby

Top 10 Baby Teething Toys

Top 10 Baby Teething Toys

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When your baby is teething, you will know about it. However, do you want to know the best part? All babies teeth, that’s a fact. As you can imagine having a tooth makes its way through the gum can be extremely painful.

Although there is little you can do, what you can do is get your baby a teething toy, and to help you choose here are our top 10 baby teething toys.

We know it’s not a complete solution but what I will say is that it helps, a lot.

1. Sophie The Giraffe

Let’s start with facts, all babies are going to teeth at some point there’s no getting around that and when they start which is different for every child, you will for sure know about it.

I can’t remember much about what happens myself. However, I’m guessing by having a tooth make its way through your gums is going to be quite painful.

All other symptoms such as temperatures, rashes etc… Are often taken care of with over the counter medicines, but not so much for the the gums.

With that in mind, this is why teething toys are so popular and can help alleviate the pain on the gums

So first on the list is Sophie, the Giraffe. The ring version seems to be the most popular, but personally the original is just as good!

2. Gertie the Goose

Gertie the great goose, will be just as good to your babies sore gums as their development.

Gertie, the legend gently squeaks when squeezed which no other teething toy on the list can offer.

With drooly mouths in mind, Gertie, unlike other teething toys of this material has also been uniquely designed to avoid problems with mould or bacteria.

There’s no guarantee this toy won’t be covered in drool, but at least at a minimum they’ll be safe and free from bacteria whilst drooling away over everything.

3. Nuby Icybite Teething Keys

This teething comforter is both innovative and effective for soothing your babies sore gums.

All of the toys on this are held along side a hoop so your baby can easily hold onto them and jingle them around at the same time as biting on them.

The toys are crammed with gel and are made to be cooled, so simply pop them within the fridge or freezer and you’ve got a ready to go teething toy.

Each of the toys have a special texture on them so your baby can explore the various textures against their sore gums.

This toy is Suitable for 3 months old and above.

4. Matchstick Monkey Teether Toy

This playful design is fun, efficient and hygienic and also assists in stopping the pain your baby is having due to teething troubles.

The soft monkey toy is used by being chewed, drooled and played with, the good thing about this teething toy is that there are no dangers of smaller parts being hazardous.

At the back of the monkeys neck are silicone bristles that form a soft toothbrush. A good idea is to apply teething gels on to the bristles and guide it gently along your babies gums, for a smooth yet satisfying relief. Your baby will thank you later.

The matchstick monkey is dishwasher safe and is suitable for children 3 months and upwards.

5. Lara and Ollie Hexagon Teething Necklace

This one is a treat for mum and baby, well if your tiny one loves pulling at the shimmering stuff around your next, luckily for you we’re talking about a teething toy.

This set comes in many different colours which you can choose from to suit you and is completely safe from any nasty stuff for your baby to munch on and/or fiddle with all while they’re safely clasped around your neck.

This is not just a great teething tool, It’s a great sensory toy for your baby and important especially during your babies cognitive brain development. The hexagonal shapes with different colours will introduce them to fun shapes and bright colours, although, that’s if they can stop chewing it for long enough to pay attention.

6. Nuby Teething Mitten

Do you notice your baby biting on their own nails or fingers, then this is the perfect teething toy for them.

Instead of nibbling on their own tiny fingers, this teething mitten will allow them to chew on this silicone mitt which has different textures to ease the gums.

The mitten comes with a strap which is adjustable so you can wear it while holding your baby or alternatively your baby can wear it when they are having a play.

With this mitten, not only does it provide relief from teething but will assist in the development of their oral sensory processing.

7. Panda Teether

The PANDA teether! If you don’t want to wait for a specific time or if your baby teethes really early, then this teether toy is suitable for your baby from birth.

This cute panda design is made from 100% natural rubber which is painted with plant pigments so you can be relieved to know your baby isn’t putting anything artificial into their mouth.

The cute panda design is made from 100% natural rubber and is painted with plant pigments, so you can be assured your baby isn’t putting anything artificial into their mouths.

Like many others on this list, all parts of the panda are textured so again, it will help with both teething and sensory.

8. Cactus Teething Toy

The on-the-go teething toy! This cactus shaped toy can travel with you without any issues thanks to the attached beaded silicone clip. So you can attach to things such as clothing and buggy’s.

The top of the cactus has a soft bristle like a toothbrush which can be gently brushed onto their sore gums.

Both sides of the cactus arms are full of different textures which allows your baby to chew, rub or bite the part which soothes the gums the most.

9. Ellie the Bee

Develop your babies overall sensory development with Ellie the bee which is a great teether toy for sensory due to the bright yellow colour and also the shapes and textures this toy provides.

The size of this toy ensures that there will be no choking hazards for your baby, but also small enough due to the handles for your babies tiny hands to get a good grip easily.

Ellie the bee is part of the MAM’s range of teething friends and are hand crafted.

10. Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

The final teething toy on the list is the Comotomo silicone baby teether which comes in alternative colours alongside it’s unique design.

This is perfect for your little ones hands to get a good grasp on along with the small ring there are four small baby finger sized extended parts which can be used to stand the toy up if needed. However, the most important part of the tiny extended fingers is that they are all textured, ideal for nibbling on.

This teether toy is an ideal way for your baby to explore their senses while at the same time soothe the discomfort of their gums.

If you have used another teether toy which you think should be on this list, please let us know and we’ll find out for ourselves. Our personal favourites are the top 2, Sophie and Gertie and the Monkey.

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